Raoul with eCsTaSy at the Pori Jazz Festival photo by Markku Åberg

Raoul was voted into the rising star category in the august 2014 Downbeat Critic's poll!


"The Finnish guitarist plays his unpredictable but always beautiful-sounding electric guitar on this new set." - DOWNBEAT march 2014 issue

"El Pueblo Unido packs the sonic sax/guitar spiritual wallop of Sonny Sharrock's Ask the Ages but instead of a Coltranian pattern, it channels Ornette Coleman through a Nordic folk strainer, creating a strange serenity coexisting with restlessness." - SOMETHINGELSEREVIEWS.COM

"Björkenheim shows admirable control, only letting loose when the occasion dictates, and a keen eye for using the talent he's assembled. There are only rare moments when Lyytinen, Huhtala or Ounaskari aren't being used to the fullest in the context of the song." - BURNINGAMBULANCE.COM

" Each song carries wonderful synchronicity among the players, jagged yet fluid guitar playing, tonal and atonal sax solos and wonderful support from the rhythm section. Lyytinen is a real find for me.....his playing moves from inside to out with complete ease, his solos have their own logic and drive......I love this stuff! It is both a throwback and a move into the future. It is different from past work by Björkenheim. but it bodes well for what is to come. And live these guys must be ballbusters." - SEAOFTRANQUILITY.ORG